Saturday, July 4, 2009

How worst can human be?

Human nature is one of the few fields where there is no definite answers. We can only say it depends on what situation and whom is the person and why the person reacted in such a way.

I had encountered countless ridiculous human nature in my life. From whacky humor to unforgetable nightmare, i seems to have to opportunity to see so much in my 26++ years of life. Do i feel privilege? Oh NO!!! I actually should feel so but most of my encounters had ruined my life more than enhancing it.

Arghh.... it seems i had this encounter lately. There's one wicked witch of the west who really should die burning at the stake had step onto my life again. How can my luck be so inauspicious......

Well, maybe it is a challenge for me to face such things. But what i am so frus about is because this wicked witch of the west is from the past who tried to haunt my present. Shall i just brush her aside like the dust of history or take her comment seriously???

So agonising................

Friday, June 19, 2009

2 months ago

I had seen this post "2 months ago" in sushi-fthr's blog......
Hmm.. come to think of it... i had left the "whatever" firm near to two months already.

I had always view myself as a loyal worker who will work for one firm and only one firm only till i die. But there are times where wise decision must be made. I always felt that my decision of leaving the "whatever" firm is correct as at up to now. Maybe i will regret my decision in future but at least i am contented for now.

It seems to many that i had decided to run away from problem instead of facing it. The truth is... yes!! I am running away... but it is not because i had not faced it before. It is just not in my control anymore whether things had take a very topsy turvy turn till i sometimes doubt my sanity in dealing it. Things clouded my mind and i had made a blunder out of myself for so long. It has suddenly struck me sometime in March 2009 that i had to make some very important decision. I had miraculously get myself another offer and i tendered the letter i had requested from sushi-fthr. Though my current job is not as high paying or high profile as the "whatever" firm, i still feel lucky being able to work in my current firm. It made me value the my current firm so much better after all the horrible scenes i had to go through in my ex-firm.

Who say big firms are good??!! You will never know after you get into one. The horrors of autocracy, politics, hierachy and conflicts had made me moved on without the feelings to even look back. Hmm... sounds serious right? It is like that. Maybe it is my fault of trying to get myself a good start in society. This proves to be a very wrong move as it seems that i had ruined the "start" and currently, i am nursing the wounds that it has caused.

Alas, i really hope that sushi-fthr will find the place where he thinks he can best be suited.

Thursday, June 11, 2009



Words really can mean a lot of things. The above para was extracted from one of Fish Leong's song "Shu Yu" or "Belong".

I had always wonder the meaning of "belong". I had once felt that i belong to a particular place but time has proven that it is wrong. It seems now i am still finding the "place" for myself in this wide world.

Hmm.... ...

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Kinda calm lately... not many tsunami and typhoon coming my way. Ah ha!! I had resigned already so more or less i don't care much.
Lately the air of resignation is blowing quite strong. Yet somebody i knew also tendered the resignation. Is there any PROBLEM with our work place.???? WHo knows.... its best to let the skeleton to continue be kept in the cupboard.
Actually, the problem is with the people. This kind of things cannot be avoided with places where people is the main income generating unit. Conflicts are bound to happen and people tends to get hurt too. I can't deny that everybody is hurt in some way some time. It just depend how much hurt has occurred and how the person reacted. Reaction might comes in aggressive or defensive way. Aggressive means become more fiercier and treat the whole world is bad (which means the person who is hurt is the good one only). Defensive stance comes in way like shy off from the crowd or in most cases.... is to get out of the place (in other words.... resign!!!!!).
My workplace is suppose to be a happy family but things just come as so perfect. Admit it.... life is always not perfect. So does my aim to work in a close knitted happy office all in sudden poof ... becoming my worst nightmare possible. The workload itself is a bit to much to swallow and additional things of conflicts will not help the swallowing at all. It only causes things to stuck in middle which means the swallowers will die of suffocation, to be precise!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a wonderful feeling

Dear all,

I have a very super wonderful great news to announce. Drum roll please............................ "Chiang"..............

Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announced that i had resigned from my woes and worries effective today..... while serving notice till 30 April 2009.

Yippe!!!!! Congratulations.... and celebrations.....

FYI: sushi-fthr still beside me now sigh and half sobbing.... cause he still have not RESIGN...... Wuahahahahahah

If i were a boss..... I will let staff play PS2.... (song sang by sushi-fthr)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Can i resign????!!!!!!

RESIGN!!!! I want to resign.... ifi don't resign then i had to eat back my words which i had spilled out long time ago. "Gulp"....... i dun wan to but things had take a very messy turn. Life is going into downhill from now onwards.

I will no longer see the sunshine, the wonderful smile of the moon, the lovely aroma of my kitchen and the most important the luxury of my rest time. Oh how woe is me!!!!! I had again being pushed into a position where daggers will be flying, knife cut in rotating ways and chain-saw spinning right before my neck. How i wish to end my career life now.

Please..... somebody just kill me!!!!!!!!!!

P/S: shushi-fthr also wanna resign liao..... i will follow soon wuahahahahaha..... coz i am shushi-son

Oh..... now he say stay.... mean he is going to stay but hor.... i will and still will go....buh-bye

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Time.... sigh

Been so busy lately that time flies without knowing it. CNY went like a passing wind which manage to brush my soul a tender bit. Nothing much being felt. Maybe i am too old already for this things. Too old and feeble to enjoy the celebration. So many things happened lately. This includes me being a rubbish dump for unwanted follow up. I just don't understand what is going around the minds of people. Simply can make some funny decisions and expect i will be absolutely happy about it. I actually thought that i am a living dummy instead of a normal human. People just keep on piling on me just because i never say no? Does that makes me eligible to take all the shit....... i wonder...........
This morning is supposed to be a nice Saturday being totally ruined by a "delicate" SMS the night before. Well, like people say..... can't deny it, then accept it. So i accepted the task and poof!!! there goes my Saturday. Furthermore, today i got punched up and down by client of things i don't even know or do! Oh!! how lucky !! This is the result of being a good dumpster. I got nagged for 20 minutes by client and the client keep on showing me a "black" face... What did i do to deserve this? Is it because i stepped on the wrong "tail" lately? There is a bunch of question i keep on asking myself.... the most wonderful part is that.... these take overs are not even beneficial to my performance also... how grateful is that............
I am the shadow people behind job who does not have the rightful name but owns all the dirty shit. If the job gets nicely done, the first owner gets all the credit. Do people ever ask who is the shadow behind? Basically, they ignore the presence of these people. These people exists to help, serve and never complain as well as never claims the credit too.
Really fed up with my self at times. But nothing can be done.... i has always been like this since i knew myself...... well i had been living like this for 26 years... i might as well let it be. May one or two complain at times but usually i will never say NO. Is it a sickness with no cure?..Who knows....